15 septembrie 2010

Stockholm trip

So...here I am ! The day reaching the quarter of a century of my life found me in Vikings Land. Not bad at all, I can say. Dana made me the best surprise ever and took me on a short trip in the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm.
We have made the almost 200km from Örebro to Stockholm by train, which turned out to be the best choice of transportation.We paid 600 kr for our four tickets. A really good price for Sweden. Maybe that is because we bought them with the last minute offer. I recommend doing that for everybody.
About Stockholm what can I say? It was a great surprise for me. Like Carlsberg, probably it's the best city in the world i have visited so far. Stockholm have heavily surpassed Rome in my personal preferences. Why, you may ask...I don't really know, but that's what I feel right now. A very friendly city, super clean, without traffic jams, no pollution, a lot of trees, a lot of water, enormous number of people riding bikes, the buildings style, Gamla Stan, Djurgården, and the list can continue...
After the Euronews style I will let the pictures speak for themselves. No comment:

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