8 septembrie 2010

Slow Society...Sweden !!!

So here I am, a couple of hundreds of kilometers away from home...in Örebro more precisely...200km west from Stockholm.
My new chapter of life started on 12 august this year when I stepped for the first time on swedish soil.
My first impression then? A clean country, too much lakes, many many trees and forests.
My impression now, after three weeks of living among the natives? A clean country, many lakes, many forests, high prices, good bus system, great roads, weird language, beer too light and, above all, the thing that is killing me sofly: the slow slow slow swedish society.
Let's talk about that a little. For instance right now I am waiting for everything: I am waiting for my personal number for almost 2 weeks, I am waiting for my Nordea bank card for more than 2 weeks, I am waiting for my Student Union Card for 2 weeks, I am waiting for a post package that should have been here last week, and I am waiting for my second apartment key for more than one week now.
I have to mention that here everything is done by post. All this things most arrive at my home by post. I am starting to be annoyed by this very slowly system.
For everything here you have to wait at least 2 weeks. Even for a fucking little door key.
Aaaa and one more thing. 2 weeks ago (the magic number here) my home internet connection died suddenly. My apartment colleagues called the service provider to resolve the problem but not even now, after to damn weeks, the internet connection isn't working.
Herregud they have pre paid internet usb sticks. Otherwiseeee...:D
This afternoon I am having my first job interview...I hope everything will be fine...Keep the fingers crossed...
But I will write more about this new experience in a post tomorrow...
Hej då, for now.:)

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