11 septembrie 2010

My home: Örebro !

Now, it is time for some facts about my new home, for at least the next two years: Örebro. The single thing I don't like at it, it's that is starts with "Ö" letter...Two days of struggle until finding this weird letter on my phone...But the rest of the aspects regarding this little town are more than positive.

Let's start with a small comparison between my ex. city, Bucharest, and my new home, Örebro. First of all, the differences are huugee, enormous. Here the population is a cca. 150.000. In Bucharest official statistics show something about 2.500.000 inhabitants.
I like it this way. Here you don't bump into each other on the streets.
Also I was shocked by the huge number of bicycles. Everyone, form 9 to 99 years, feel the pulse of the city by bike. You can also rent bikes from the city center for almost 70kr for a day.
Another thing that amazed me was the cleaningness of the streets. Everything here is so clean, so good preserved. You don't see gray flats, you don't see homeless dogs, and you don't see traffic jams or hundreds of cars horning without reason.

Sounds like paradise, and trust me, in comparison with Bucharest, it really is ! Not to talk about the good buss system with schedules in every station. Also, in weekends, when everybody goes in city to party, the last buss leaves form the city center between 01.30 - 02.00 o'clock. As a fact, all the buses in Örebro are purple.
Oh...I almost forget the main attraction here: The Castle ! It's right in the city center and it is surrounded by water. It's a really nice touristic objective with a lot of history past.
In Örebro you can also find the best Sweden's park in 2004, and the 6th or 7th best park of the Europe, I don't remind exactly right now. The name of the park is Stadsparken, which means City Park. It's a great place for a quiet sunday or for the photo fanatics.

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